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Brick Paint Removal

Here at Right Wash we offer a range of services to help restore your property to its former glory, and one great way of doing that is with our brick paint removal services.

So often the original beauty of the exterior brickwork is covered with masonry paint that might look good at the time, but can quickly become tired and worn. Old paint is not a good look on brickwork, so paint removal is often a good idea.

But just how do you remove all the paint from your brickwork? And what will be revealed when you remove paint from brick? Well, we do a fantastic job here at Right Wash, at brick paint removal, and we often find that our customers are delighted with the brick surfaces that are revealed when the masonry paint is removed.

If you think your property could benefit from brick paint removal to show off the original brick wall beneath, then read on below as we talk you through everything you need to know about the process, and how we can help.

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Why removing paint from brick is a good idea

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How to remove paint from brick

Not a lot of people know how to carry out paint removal from brick surfaces, and many people think that taking care of it themselves is a good idea (HINT: it rarely is a good idea). To illustrate why trusting a business like ours is usually a better idea, let us talk you through some common questions and suggestions we see from the DIY paint removal community.

Is pressure wash a good idea?

Using a pressure washer is not a good idea when you try to remove paint from brick walls, because not only is masonry paint designed to withstand harsh weather, so it would take a lot of work to actually see results, but it can also leave the brick surface beneath the paint in a poor condition.

The amount of pressure needed during a pressure wash to remove paint would almost certainly damage the brick beneath. Depending on how many layers of pain there were too, this method might not even work to begin with.

How to remove paint from brick

What about chemicals?

Can you use paint stripper?


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DIY paint stripper removal

How to get started

1. Set up

2. apply stripping agent

3. Peeling strips

4. Scrub

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Why removing paint yourself is not always a good idea

Many people underestimate how much effort it takes to remove paint from your painted walls. Brickwork is complicated, and masonry paint is built to last, so if you're passionate about removing the paint yourself, then be prepared for a lot of hard work, and get ready to head to the store for very specific products and tools to get the job done properly.

Not only is there the risk of you choosing an inappropriate method when you try to remove paint from bricks yourself, such as sandblasting, pressure washing, or using chemicals/products/tools that are inappropriate for the task at hand - but there's also the amount of work involved too.

If you want a professional job done professionally, then we would always recommend contacting an experienced team like ours to deal with the paint removal for you. We offer brick paint removal at an affordable price that won't take up any of your time and efforts at all - and because we're professionals who have been doing this job for a long time, we also have a tried and true process for removing paint from brickwork in a fast and environmentally safe way.

Why removing paint yourself is not always a good idea

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How Right Wash`s brick paint removal service can help you

Our heated water system explained

Benefits of using a heated water system


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How much will it cost for brick paint remove

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How long will it take brick paint removal

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Why working with us is a great idea

Hopefully, by now, we've managed to show you why working with professionals like us over a DIY job is best. Still, if you're a keen DIY enthusiast with plenty of time on your hands, you might choose to remove the paint from your brick walls yourself. And if that's the case - we wish you the best of luck.

But we know from experience that our customers usually prefer the professionals, because there's much less work involved. So now it's up to us to tell you why Right Wash are the right professionals for you...

Why working with us is a great idea

Paint removal experts

Competitively priced

Much less effort involved

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does removing paint from brick damage the surface or pointing?

No, not using our method of DOFF steam cleaning and TORC cleaning, a non-invasive way of removing brick paint that actually restores character, not just removing paint. Other methods like jet washing or high pressure cleaning will however remove more than just the paint.

Will a pressure washer remove paint from brick?

Yes but it is not advised as the high pressure will likely also remove mortar, brick patina and character as well as parts or the surface of the brick so it should be avoided.

How much does it cost to remove paint from brick?

The cost to remove paint from bricks is not really answerable without knowing what type of paint, how thick the paint is and how old the paint is. Along with the square feet of bricks to be treated this ultimately determines the cost of removing paint from brickwork. We do offer free quotes so best to send us an email.

How long does it take to remove paint from the bricks on my house?

It can vary from 1-4 days. The size of the house is obviously a factor that contributes to the overall time but also the type of paint and age of the paint etc.

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