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What Does Doff Cleaning Mean

What Does Doff Cleaning Mean

Quite often, it is not the age, quality or design of a building that people notice first; it is the condition. A dirty, stained building which isn't being cared for is unappealing, regardless of its age or heritage. Clean stone looks so much more appealing than dirty stone and masonry, which is why reliable cleaning systems are in great demand.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their buildings, concerning condition and cleanliness. However, not all buildings can be cleaned in the same way, and a traditional soap and water approach might negatively impact the appearance of a building.

This is why there are many cleaning systems on offer, and this guide examines the DOFF cleaning system, when it works best, and what the system's benefits are. Knowing what DOFF cleaning means and why it is a sensible choice is vital to maintain your building to the highest possible standard.

What Is DOFF Cleaning?

Doff cleaning uses steam to clean materials such as stone and masonry, concrete, tile, cladding, wood and brick. DOFF cleaning uses high temperature steam, commonly at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius, at the nozzle end of the hose.

The DOFF cleaning system is effective thanks to the five litres of heated water and steam that is released each minute through the nozzle, and will not cause thermal shock when cleaning brick or stone surfaces.

DOFF Cleaning

What Materials Can You Clean With DOFF?

If you are plagued by the following substances, elements or materials, you should consider using the DOFF system to remove them from a stone, brick or concrete surface:

  • Algae
  • Bird Fouling
  • Biological matter
  • Bitumen
  • Chewing Gum
  • Fungi
  • Graffiti
  • Grease
  • Moss
  • Oil Build-Up
  • Paint
  • Spores
  • Wax Coatings

Some of these items can be corrosive and harmful to buildings. At the very least, they are unappealing and ruin the aesthetic charm of a building. In some cases, there might also be legal requirements for the property's condition, such as hygienic and sanitation issues.

No matter the reason for wanting to remove these matters quickly, DOFF cleaning is an effective solution to consider.

Superheated Steam Removes Biological Matter Effectively

A property with a food licence is expected to maintain high standards, and stains like bird fouling, vermin fouling and a biological matter might breach the food production regulations the company has to follow.

Another example of DOFF cleaning being highly effective is in cleaning graffiti and removing paint. If swear wears or offensive terms are daubed on buildings, the owner needs effective stone cleaning or brick cleaning solutions. Here, the DOFF system, utilising super heated steam is effective at cleaning stone, and removing harmful words and images from a building.

Anyone looking for a practical yet harmless cleaning method that returns buildings to their best will find the steam cleaning system is an excellent option to consider.

What Are The Benefits Of DOFF Cleaning?

Doff steam cleaning carries many benefits, and it is one of the most effective solutions for stone cleaning, brick cleaning and maintaining brick colour and the restoration process. The following benefits are closely associated with DOFF cleaning methods. 

Doff steam cleaning

DOFF Cleaning Offers A Gentle Yet Effective Cleaning Process

One of the strongest to use the DOFF cleaning system is because it is gentle on buildings, surfaces and even nature. If you have a sensitive wall that might be damaged with traditional cleaning methods, DOFF is an option with a low carbon footprint, even without low pressure!

Superheated Steam Cleaning Systems Work Well With Historical Buildings

This positive impact of DOFF cleaning is best seen with historical buildings, as this method can clean these buildings without damaging or harming the structure or surface.

As there are no harsh chemicals used with this process, only steam and water, it is far less harmful to buildings and surrounding areas. When cleaning a building, you don’t need to worry about run-offs affecting soil or local wildlife.

Steam Cleaning Is Quieter Than Most Methods For Stone And Brick Cleaning

In many cases, the volume of cleaning work is an issue; if it is, the steam cleaning system is an excellent choice. This is because this setup has no noise, making it an ideal cleaning solution for hospitals, schools, business centres and tourist destinations.

This Cleaning System Is Trusted By English Heritage

Regardless of the product or service, reviews and testimonials give users confidence. Anyone looking for a cleaning solution that is right for their building will appreciate a recommendation from English Heritage, who approve of the DOFF cleaning process for their buildings.

Not Forcing Water Droplets Onto A Wall Protects A Surface

Alternative cleaning solutions which project water droplets onto brick, concrete and stone at high pressure are effective, but they have longer term concerns. If the droplets freeze on, or in cracks of the surface, they can deteriorate brick stone and other surfaces.

You want to avoid short-term brick cleaning solutions that cause greater surface problems in the long-term, especially with traditional and historic buildings.

DOFF Cleaning Is For More Than Just Buildings

While DOFF cleaning is commonly associated with buildings and cleaning stone surfaces, it can be used to clean other areas, including swimming pools and their surrounds, driveways and gutters. This single system provides a comprehensive cleaning solution for internal and external surfaces.

Is DOFF Better Than Other Cleaning Methods And Steam Cleaning Systems?

Whether DOFF is better than other steam cleaning systems is down to what is being cleaned, and what the overall goal is. It is far from the only system which will clean stone or remove wax coatings.

Delicate Surfaces Need A Careful Cleaning Approach

It is also important to know that while in many cases, the high temperatures associated with this steam cleaning process can sometimes be a hazard. There are other steam cleaning systems which use lower temperatures and lower water pressure.

DOFF is safe for a majority of buildings, hence its patronage by Heritage England, but in some cases, a lower temperature and low pressure solution provides users with more confidence.

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Surface This Way?

 With so many factors involved, it is impossible to state how long the task will take without reviewing the property. It isn't even just about the size or length of brick work, the condition of other surfaces and the extent of organic matter on brick stone impact the level of work required.

Superheated water works fast, especially at high pressure, but if graffiti damage is extensive or algae has been present for some time, it can take a lot of work to remove it from the surface.

Can You DOFF Clean A Property By Yourself?

As with most work, you can hire a DOFF machine and use the cleaning equipment yourself, but in most cases, it is best not to.

An expert is familiar with the DOFF integra system, as well as the best cleaning techniques and cleaning and restoration practices. If all you need to worry about is how to remove paint quickly from a building, you can do so in many ways, but when it comes to caring for and protecting a building, the cleaning and restoration process is often an intricate matter.

Also, if you are cleaning a building, let alone heritage sites, do you want to be responsible if something goes wrong? Leaving concrete renovations to trained, skilled and experienced professionals is the smart way to restore a delicate surface.

How To Hire A Professional For The DOFF Cleaning Process?

If you believe DOFF steam cleaning is ideal for your needs, and you want to hire a professional for stone cleaning, ask around and look for reviews. The process of finding an expert with the DOFF stone cleaning system is no different to finding any other professional.

Try to speak with the expert, and get to know their understanding of stone cleaning, and what the DOFF steam cleaning process entails, and how to get the best of the specially designed equipment. 

Doff Cleaner 1

What Is The Cost Of The DOFF Cleaning System?

 While it is helpful to know a rough outline for the cost of the DOFF system, most professionals are unwilling to provide a price list. This is because so many factors are associated with the DOFF system, and there is no way to create a "one size fits all" price structure.

Factors which influence the overall cost of the DOFF cleaning system include:

  • The condition of the surface, building or façade
  • Whether any conservation issues are involved with the process
  • The number of professionals required for the job
  • Accessibility and whether additional equipment is required (such as scaffolding or elevated platforms)
  • The level of facilities and amenities on site, such as water and electricity, because if these need to be brought in, the cost of the overall project will be greater

You'll find most professionals will be happy to review your property, and quote you a fee for brick cleaning or stone cleaning. DOFF cleaning systems are highly effective, which means many consumers believe the DOFF system provides tremendous value for money.

The super heated steam solution is environmentally friendly, suitable for use on historic buildings or listed buildings, and works great on different surfaces. Any professional with extensive experience with the super heated cleaning solution will have few problems in returning stone and masonry to former glory.

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