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Are The Masses Of Chewy On Your Pavements An Eye Sore

Chewing Gum Removal

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Chewing Gum Removal

The negative impact of chewing gum litter on streets was shown in August 2021 when many leading chewing gum producers agreed to a £10m partnership to reduce and remove gum litter. A study by Keep Britain Tidy found 87% of streets in England are stained with gum, and UK Government figures indicate the associated clean-up costs amount to £7m per year.

Chewing gum is a blight on the streets, but it is also an issue on private property, on business premises and for individuals. Knowing how to safely and effectively remove chewing gum is vital, and Right Wash is on hand to keep your property clean.

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Problems associated with chewing gum

Problems associated with chewing gum

There are many problems associated with chewing gum on your belongings and your premises, and the first is it looks nasty. There is also the hygiene issue.

The thought of chewing gum from someone's mouth on your clothes, carpet or hair is hugely unappealing. You also need to consider chewing gum is a sticky mess that can ruin fabrics, and if you allow it to harden, it can permanently stain the material.

An additional problem is if chewing gum makes its way into a washing machine, it can coat the inside of the drum. This means the gum can impact all future washes and harm the appliance.

Even if someone steps on chewing gum, there is a chance they’ll take that into their home or business premises, where it will stick on the flooring.

Whether you are considering chewing gum from an individual or business perspective, it is a problem that is best avoided. Still, when you do face it, it needs to be resolved effectively.

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Removing chewing gum from your premises

Removing chewing gum from your premises

If you are looking for an industrial scale solution to disposing of gum, you should call on the experts.

Chewing gum on streets is particularly difficult to remove

There isn't always a simple method to remove gum from fabric or stone surface

High pressure washing is the most effective way to remove gum

Taking care is essential when you wash gum at high pressure

Safety equipment is essential

What are the benefits of chewing gum removal services?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does your chewing gum removal service include?

It covers the removal of the chewing gum using various methods depending on the surface type.

How much does your chewing gum removal service cost?

There is no one answer that fits all for this as it totally depends on how much chewing gum has been littered and over what size area. We do however promise to beat any other genuine like for like quote.

Do you remove chewing gum from residential driveways?

We could do this but it is probably not going to be value for money if there is only a few bits of littered chewing gum. If your whole pavement is littered with gum it may be worthwhile giving us a call.

Do you use a jet washer to remove the chewing gum?

A jet washer is not always the best solution depending on the type of surface the gum is on as it is a high pressure and can cause damage. We have various different washing systems we can use that range from steam to chemical.

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