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Graffiti Removal

The point and purpose of graffiti is an issue which splits opinions. Even for people who enjoy graffiti, some will be in bad taste or not to their personal preference. Therefore, knowing how to remove graffiti is valuable, but it is often more challenging than you think.

Whether you are responsible for tackling the graffiti yourself or need to call in graffiti removal experts, Right Wash is here to help.

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Why is spray paint and graffiti a problem

Why is spray paint and graffiti a problem?

For some people, graffiti is a massive problem, regardless of its content or style. No matter how great some art looks, graffiti is a crime, and a punishable act if vandals are apprehended.

If graffiti is offensive, about a sensitive matter or just out of place, the sooner you act as a graffiti remover to restore the building's appearance, the better. If you're a business, you might lose potential customers because vandals defaced your property, creating a bad impression.

Graffiti vandalism can cause more problems

In some cases, such as graffiti by a known artist, this artwork can add value to a home. More likely, though, graffiti lowers property value. There is also the “broken windows” theory, where graffiti and vandalism “encourages” other acts in the local area. This outcome ensures not only homeowners are driven to remove spray paint quickly, but businesses, bodies, and any property owner also has the incentive to remove graffiti quickly.

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What substances shift graffiti and stubborn paint


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Are chemicals harmful when removing graffiti

Are chemicals harmful when removing graffiti?

While chemical products are highly effective at removing paint, many people are unwilling to use this solution. Environmental concerns lead many people to avoid these products, and even if chemicals don’t harm the wall, the run-off might negatively impact the soil or wildlife.

Chemicals are not used by every graffiti remover

A common chemical used for removing paint is methylene chloride. This is a common ingredient in “graffiti removal” cleaning products and is a highly influential component in removing paint and graffiti. However, this substance weakens plastics, which means if you have pipes and guttering, they could be weakened by graffiti removal products.

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A pressure washer removes paint and graffiti

An environmentally friendly way to remove graffiti from modern and robust concrete buildings involves a pressure washer at high temperatures.

For effective graffiti removal, a pressure of 3,000 psi (pounds per square inch) at a heat of 190 degrees with a five gpm flow is recommended, although each situation is unique. If a colder water temperature is required, it is best to extend the washing time.

Right Wash recommends pressure washers capable of delivering at least 1,000 psi of pressure when removing graffiti from a wall.

A pressure washer removes paint and graffiti

Can you use a pressure washer on brick?

Dealing with graffiti on old or listed buildings

Preserving the condition of a home is as vital as its appearance

Anti graffiti coatings are effective

Not all hard surfaces and walls manage welcome chemicals or high pressure water

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Protect your environment with preventative measures

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Leave it to the experts to remove graffiti

Graffiti removal is important, a task to carry out quickly and efficiently. If you are unsure of where to begin with removing spray paint or you want the job done right, effective graffiti removal services are essential, so hire an expert with the right equipment. Request graffiti removal from Right Wash and give yourself one less thing to worry about.

Leave it to the experts to remove graffiti


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove graffiti without causing damage?

Yes we use a variety of washing systems because every surface type requires a different method not just for the cleaning but also to prevent damage.

How much does it cost to remove graffiti?

The cost varies depending on location as you may pay a call out fee. However a rough guide would be £7-£16 per square metre.

Will a jet wash remove graffiti?

Yes it will but you should be very careful with this method as many surfaces can be damaged using this high pressure method as it removes mortar and even damages textured brick. You can also cause damp problems if no cavity wall exists.

Who is responsible for removing graffiti?

Different councils have different rules in place so it's hard to have a one fits all answer but in general the property owner be it a home or business owner is liable to pay. Councils usually cover public or council properties.

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