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K Render Cleaning

Rendered buildings are nothing new; simple renders have been used to protect and decorate buildings for several thousand years. However, modern renders are significantly better in terms of water resistance and insulation, protecting your home for decades.

One brand in particular that Right Wash has become familiar with is called K Rend, and it is now used extensively as an exterior render for commercial buildings as well as homes.

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What Is K Rend

What Is K Rend?

K Rend is an extremely popular option these days, as it is a through-coloured render, meaning that the pigment is added during the manufacturing process. Because of this, the colour won't fade and will last for around 30 years or more.

This highly durable low-maintenance render uses limestone and silicone to provide a superior mix that allows your walls to breathe and expel excess moisture, which prevents damp and mould problems. At the same time, it protects the external surfaces from the weather and is available in a wide variety of colours and texture finishes.

The Importance Of Cleaning

Even so, you need to clean K Rend surfaces to keep them looking their best. Commercial and residential properties look unsightly and neglected when the render becomes dirty and stained. What's more, this can cause problems if it's left for too long without being cleaned. This is why K render cleaning and render cleaning is such an in demand service.

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What Happens If You Don't Clean Render?

Rendered buildings have many enemies in the form of atmospheric pollution and organic growth. Green algae, moss, mould and bacteria attack the render surface and will eventually cause damage. Pollution causes stains that can be difficult to remove, resulting in the need for re-rendering.

It's possible for render to have red (how to remove red algae), black or green stains that spoil the appearance of your property and reduce the lifespan of this protective coating. It makes sense economically to clean render periodically rather than risk waiting a few years, by which time you might need to have the surface repaired or even re-rendered.

What Happens If You Donot Clean Render


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Right Wash K Render Cleaning Services

At Right Wash, we have extensive knowledge of all types of render, including K Rend. We will use our expertise to keep your rendered walls looking their very best and ensure that they protect your building for years to come.

Why Use A K Render Cleaning Service?

Although it sounds like a simple job, few people are prepared for what's involved and the results aren't always as good as they expected or desired.

You need to be very careful as to what you use when cleaning render. Harsh chemicals and bleaches can damage the render surface and can harm wildlife if they are washed into the ground.

Many people assume that a pressure washer is the answer, but, once again, care is needed; some renders are prone to damage if a high-pressure setting is used, especially if the nozzle is set to a narrow jet instead of a wide spray. Water is forced deep into the render surface and will expand as it freezes in winter, causing it to crack. You will then be left with the extra expense of having to repair the damage.

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Render Cleaning

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Render Cleaning FAQs

Although we've covered the basics, there may be some points that you're uncertain about, so here are a few to consider:

Render Cleaning FAQs

Are The Chemicals Safe?

How Much Does Render Cleaning Cost?

Is It A Long Process?

What About Upper Levels?

Do I Need To Be Present?

Is Soft Washing Better Than Pressure Washing?

How Often Should Render Cleaning Take Place?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean dirty & discoloured k render?

Jet washing is the best way to clean various types of k render according to various manufacturers of the actual render. Power washing will remove a lot of dirt and algae but algae and moss can penetrate into the porous render types making steam cleaning and soft washing a slightly better option in some cases.

How often should k render be cleaned?

Three to five years is a common figure for k render staying clean after a good wash but things like blocked gutters & plants being too close to the walls can make dirt and algae appear much faster on any type of k render.

Can you steam clean k render?

Yes, steam cleaning k render and soft washing is one of the best ways to clean render as there is less risk of damage to the k render that you would likely get from jet washing.

How do you refresh a k rendered wall?

To refresh a k rendered wall that is covered in dirt, algae, moss or lichen then the safest way for all k renders is soft washing and low pressure steam cleaning. In some modern k renders you will be able to just jet wash it.

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