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How To Remove Red Algae On Render

How To Remove Red Algae On Render

While rendering was often sold as being a maintenance free solution, this is no longer the case. With the passing of time, rendering loses some of its lustre, and in many cases, algae appears and grows at your house.

While the most significant concerns with algae on render relates to it looking bad and being discoloured, some substantial problems can arise.

This guide looks at different types of algae, how it appears on render, the damage it causes, and importantly, looks at removing red algae from render.

How Does Algae Grow On Render?

There are a couple of significant factors which see algae growing at a more noticeable rate than for previous generations:

  • Improved air quality and reduced pollution makes it easier for airborne algae spores to appear
  • Climate and temperature increases lead to algae growing on exterior walls
  • Wind blowing spores and in humid conditions, they grow on the first surface or building they land on
  • Poor-quality exterior walls encourage algae growth

Algae Growth Is Common On Buildings In Wet Or Damp Weather

With rendered walls, surface pores provide an area for algae to latch onto, and they thrive on moisture lingering in the atmosphere. Various studies indicate algae is more common on the north side of a property, which is linked to this side receiving less sun, and being more prone to dampness.

In saying that, the most common reason for algae to grow is because of leaks and water damage at a property. In winter, and wet locations, algae can spread considerably in a matter of months.

Red Algae From Rendered Walls

Can Algae Damage Render?

With render and K rend being a popular building material, it is easy to see why people care about issues which affect its appearance. Cleaning the outside of your house is as vital as the inside, which is why this growth annoys many property owners.

Generally, the biggest damage algae causes to render is of an aesthetic nature, making the property look tired and discoloured. Over time, this might even reduce the value of the home, certainly creating a negative impression in those who see it.

It is unlikely red algae will cause structural or significant maintenance issues at a property.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Algae?

You might consider algae to be a catch all term, but there are different types:

  • Green algae
  • Black algae
  • Red algae

Green algae is the most common, and can normally be removed with soap and water, although sometimes vinegar or bleach are useful in removing this growth. Black algae is the least common growth, and usually requires substantial cleaning, and even the use of a biocide solution.

Green Algae on Walls

Humid Conditions Encourage Algae To Grow On Wall Render

Red algae lies in the middle, and traditionally, has been more prominent in Scotland and the north of Ireland, due to higher levels of rain.

However, with the English climate becoming wetter and warmer, red algae is appearing more regularly. Removing green and red algae requires similar work, so learning this skill provides you with techniques to remove the two most common forms of algae.

Steps Involved With Render Cleaning And Removing Red Algae Stains

 If you see red stains on rendered surfaces, there are quick and simple steps to clean your wall render. This cleaning method relies on low pressure washing, as render cleaning with high pressure can damage the building or wall.

  • Review the condition of the render, looking out for cracks or potential problems
  • Cleaning the rendered area, often soap and warm water with a brush is sufficient, but consider commercial products or a water and vinegar mix
  • Apply a biocide treatment to the render to remove algae
  • Consider using a steam cleaning contraption to quickly and effectively get rid of algae and marks – high pressure water might damage the render, so choose a soft wash option
  • If marks remain after this work, target them with a cleaning solution
  • Wait for the rendered wall to dry, as you don't want the surface to remain damp
  • Apply a final biocide treatment to minimise the likelihood of red algae growing back anytime soon

Applying the treatment regularly to render will protect your building, and render cleaning doesn't have to be expensive.

Painted render might require more work, with jet washing suitable to remove painting and algae. If there are many layers of paint, you might need additional work, but the principles are the same. Painting on substrate doesn't overly assist in removing algae, although some modern paints slow the rate of growth.

Cleaning Red Algae on Walls 2

How To Ensure Algae Doesn’t Grow Back

When you remove algae regularly, you ensure your walls look great. You also develop a maintenance schedule that will ensure small problems are seen before they become an issue.

Water damage plays a significant role in algae growth, so look out for leaks, broken pipes or problems with drainage. As dampness and moisture is the biggest driver of this growth on buildings

Can I Hire A Business For Algae Removal?

Yes, if the stains on your building concern you, you can contact a professional or company to remove this for you. They'll review the staining, walk around the property, and highlight areas for cleaning and growth removal.

These professionals have considerable experience in cleaning buildings, but as the steps aren't too difficult, there is no reason why you cannot remove algae and residue yourself.

Should Homeowners Worry About Red And Green Algae?

With green and red algae being less stubborn than black algae, there isn't too much for homeowners to worry about with these marks on an external wall surface. Red algae staining doesn't look great, and you should be proactive in looking for red stains and organising a render cleaning to remove them.

Ultimately though, if you have many tasks around the home, the appearance of your house might not be a leading priority. Knowing that red algae is easily cleaned is a good comfort for property owners, and with regular soft wash treatment, the surfaces of your home can remain in excellent condition.

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