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How To Remove Algae From Painted Walls

How To Remove Algae From Painted Walls

Just because algae is a reasonably common sight on painted walls across the country doesn’t mean that home or property owners should accept this state of affairs. While algae growth is unappealing, it can cause more significant problems if left unchecked, such as stripping paint completely off the walls.

Green growth on walls can affect property values if left unchecked, so it is an issue best dealt with. At Right Wash, we provide a wide range of cleaning services, including removing algae from painted walls. We are here to assist you if you want to learn more about why algae grows on paint, why it’s a concern for property owners, and the best ways to remove algae from painted walls.

Why Does Algae Grow On Painted Walls?

The most common reason for algae growth on painted areas is moisture between the paint and the surface. Property which receives a heavy level of rainfall are more likely to suffer from algae on surfaces.

Algae From Painted Walls

Rain Is A Driving Factor Behind Algae And Fungus On House Walls

According to Met Office information, the wettest parts of the UK are around mountainous regions, such as the Scottish Highlands, the Lake District and Snowdonia. However, North West and South West England are recognised for higher rainfall than many other parts of the country.

Algae is also more likely to grow on painted walls that receive no or little sunlight. In the United Kingdom, surfaces that face the north receive less sunlight, so north-facing walls on premises are more likely to experience this type of growth.

Carbon Dioxide Also Causes Algae To Grow On Surfaces

If there is a high level of carbon dioxide in the air, commonly associated with fossil fuel burning, algae is more likely to occur. Another factor to consider is mineral materials which are present in the façade or any plaster on the wall. There might even be a water ingress on surfaces leading moisture to develop.

Is Algae Growth A Problem On Painted Walls?

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, algae is very unpleasant on a wall and can create a negative impression of a property. Home or building owners don’t like to see the property look this way.

A Bad Appearance Can Ruin Property Values

Homeowners will likely find green algae growth negatively impacts the value of their property, while business owners might find customers form a negative opinion of their premises and company. Many people don't venture inside if a store looks dirty from the outside, so that growth can cost firms money.

Black, Red And Green Algae Are Not The Same

Beyond that, algae are unlikely to cause too much structural damage to a property, although people should note that black algae are more damaging than green algae or red variants.

Black algae are the most robust algae variant, and it takes more effort or harsher cleaning solutions to get rid of algae from walls altogether. Green algae is the most common of the organisms, and of course, green algae can look highly unpleasant, especially with the look of deep green growth on lightly coloured surfaces.

Green Algae From Walls

Are There Traditional Methods To Remove Algae From Painted Walls?

It is possible for homeowners to scrub algae from painted surfaces themselves, and if the algae is light, please consider the following mixtures:

  • Sodium hypochlorite and water
  • Household bleach and water (of course, bleach is the result of combining sodium hypochlorite and water)
  • Vinegar and water
  • Liquid chlorine

However, even though people can mix and use these solutions themselves, this approach often has problems. It is vital you rinse off all mixes, even concentrate, so the chemicals don't ruin the wall.

Be Careful To Avoid A Slippery Mess When Attempting To Kill Algae

For example, the mixture of sodium hypochlorite and water removes algae, but it can also strip paint from surfaces or leave streaks on the paint. There is a need to find the ideal balance with the mixture, which is why it is often best to leave algae removal to professional cleaning companies.

There are also pre-mixed commercial cleaning products which are ready to use and people can apply to painted surfaces to remove algae. If you are concerned about environmental matters, you must review products carefully and determine if you are happy using this product on your property. Chemicals can impact local wildlife, and even the run-off can impact driveways, paths and soil around your home.

Suppose you are keen to dispose of algae from walls but are concerned about problems arising from doing the activity yourself. In that case, it makes sense to call on a professional cleaning company for assistance.

You also might want to avoid the elbow grease required to remove green or black algae from multiple surfaces, which is why help is available.

High Pressure Jet Washing Can Remove Algae From Painted Walls

There is no denying some professionals use high-pressure jet washing to get rid of algae from surfaces ; in some cases, it is effective. Of course, there are also many occasions when it doesn’t make sense to use high-pressure washing.

Pressure Washing Can Damage Outside Walls

If the pressure is too high, paint can be damaged or stripped from the wall. Equally, if the pressure from the jet washing process is extreme, it can damage the surface beneath the paint. When there is stonework, brickwork, render or tiles beneath the paint, it is best to use a different solution, as these materials often cannot withstand the high pressure. The same is true for plants on or around surfaces.

Pressure Washing

Steam Cleaning Is A Safe And Effective Way To Remove Algae From Painted Surfaces

Rather than relying on high pressure at cold temperatures to strip algae and all biological matter from surfaces, steam cleaning is a better method. There are various ways to consider, including Doff steam cleaning, and we are more than happy to advise you on the ideal solution for your property.

Right Wash professionals will visit your home or business premises and provide you with a tailored assessment. We are happy to recommend the cleaning process best suited to your property.

Steam cleaning relies on high-temperature steam sprayed at low pressure, delivering a delicate yet efficient way to clean surfaces. You can rest assured this is an environmentally friendly cleaning solution, protecting your walls and the area surrounding the building.

Algae Is Killed Off At High Temperatures

Steam cleaning is so effective in removing algae (and problems like moss and fungi) because organic matter like these dies at temperatures above 130c. Steam cleaning techniques, such as the Doff cleaning approach, can reach a heat of 150c, which is above the threshold recognised to remove algae.

Another benefit of cleaning at high temperatures is killing off biological spores. This means not only are you cleaning painted surfaces to a high standard; you remove spores which means algae won’t grow back.

Simply removing algae is a good start, but unless the roots and spores are also removed, algae will be a recurring issue on walls. However, with a high-temperature solution, you can be confident your walls are cared for in the short and long term.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Cleaner To Remove Algae From Painted Walls

As stated above, there are ways for individuals to clean algae from painted walls themselves, and in these tough economic times, Right Wash is happy to offer guidance on how to deal with this problem.

However, there are many benefits associated with hiring a professional cleaner to clear algae from walls, and here are some of the reasons our clients rely on Right Wash:

  • Our team is skilled, experienced and trained in the use of specialist equipment
  • Our expertise allows us to work quickly and effectively, not compromising quality for time, and save you money
  • We can work on large areas, saving you a lot of time and effort
  • We have safety equipment, allowing us to work more safely than individuals without PPE or training
  • Professional cleaning equipment is more effective than a garden hose
  • Our steam cleaning services are environmentally friendly, protecting your premises
  • High temperature cleaning kills off spores, leaving you confident algae will not grow back
  • Environmentally friendly solutions don't harm many species like bleach would
  • You can protect your house from fungus like gloeocapsa magma.

These are significant reasons to call on a professional cleaning company to remove algae from painted surfaces, and if you’d like assistance from Right Wash, we are more than happy to help.

What Factors Influence The Cost Of Removing Algae From A Painted Wall Surface?

As you’d imagine, many factors influence the cost of removing algae from walls. This is why we prefer to provide you with a specialist quote after reviewing your property and assessing the damage.

Factors professional cleaning companies consider when pricing algae removal include the size of the area which requires treatment, the condition of the painted wall(s), the extent of the issue, accessibility issues, the number of people needed to work the job, if specialist equipment and cleaning solutions are needed, and even the general cost of living in a particular area.

These factors mean it is best to receive a tailored quote to remove algae from surfaces, but firms like Right Wash provide tremendous value for money in many cases.

Considering the time and effort required to remove algae by hand compared to the time needed by a professional cleaning company using specialist equipment, the cost of hiring algae removal experts starts to pay for itself.

Whether there is black, red or green algae at your property, you want to remove this problem from outdoor walls. This is an invasive growth which harms the look of external walls at your house or business premises, but you don't need to tolerate this problem. Left untreated, algae grows on external walls, and looks unappealing, but Right Wash provides a range of cleaning solutions to kill algae and organisms from your external surfaces.

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