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What Is Torc Cleaning

What Is Torc Cleaning

When kept in excellent condition, old or stone buildings look fantastic, turning heads for all the right reasons. However, factors like time, pollution, harsh weather and poor construction mean many buildings are far from their best.

Whether this is your home or business premises, if a building has seen better days, you won’t feel happy about it.

A thorough and reliable cleaning process is essential, but you must ensure you don’t damage brickwork or stone while cleaning. One way you remove grime and dirt without damaging stone surfaces or brick is with TORC cleaning, and this guide takes you through this cleaning process.

What Is The TORC Cleaning System?

TORC cleaning combined water and calcium carbonate, cleaning buildings with little more than a gentle swirling vortex of water and high-pressure air.

A great benefit of the TORC cleaning service is that it removes dust particles, commonly created and left behind by traditional cleaning methods.

This cleaning system was developed by Stone Health Limited with the aim of removing limescale, brittle paints, carbon sulphation and to prevent carbon sulphating.

The system built on the highly popular jos system, and is recognised for its swirling vortex of air, water, superfine particles (calcium carbonate) and granulate.

TORC cleaning

Is TORC Cleaning The Best Form Of Stone Cleaning?

There are many different ways to clean stone, and while TORC is a fantastic option, it is helpful to know how it compares to other cleaning methods.

Is The TORC System Environmentally Friendly?

It is understandable property owners are concerned about causing damage to a building, and the environment when restoring their building to a pristine condition. Harsh chemicals often strip protective layers from a building, while run-offs harm the soil and plants around.

Go Green When Caring For Buildings And Surrounds

Opting for environmentally friendly solutions with your building cleaning system avoids damaging chemicals while preserving delicate surfaces.

Abrasive Cleaning Gets The Job Done But Can Be Tough On Buildings

Traditionally, soap and water work well on cleaning buildings, especially when combined with a firm brush. However, this is a time-consuming and labour-intensive approach, which isn’t always gentle on structures.

Many chemical-based cleaning products reduce the time it takes to clean a building, but they are far more abrasive than the cleaning process called abrasive cleaning.

If your building is old or needs proper care and attention, it is often best to avoid detergent-based or chemical cleaning processes.

TORC Works On A Range Of Surfaces Including Stone And Brick

There are steam cleaning processes worth considering, including the DOFF cleaning system (which is a low air pressure and high temperature cleaning service), but TORC cleaning works well for many because it is so versatile.

This Is A Reputable And Trusted Cleaning System

This method is robust enough to clean a wide variety of substances off many building types while being gentle enough to be a preferred method for bodies such as Heritage England.

If you’re looking for a reliable cleaning system that works on a great range of surfaces and substances, TORC cleaning is more than suitable.

Typical Uses Of TORC Cleaning

TORC Cleaning is one of our most commonly required post-construction or restorative cleaning methods. It focuses on removing pollutants and construction debris from the site without scratching or damaging the surface.

TORC cleaning is commonly associated with the following property cleaning methods:

  • Bird fouling
  • Carbon sulfation removal
  • Cement-based paints removal
  • Grime removal
  • Limescale damage
  • Oil-based paint removal, including graffiti removal
  • Smoke damage

Remove Paint Residues In No Time

In some of these cases, such as oil based paint removal or cement based paints removal where offensive graffiti needs to be removed quickly, the TORC cleaning system is ideal. This method of brick, masonry and stone cleaning is fast and effective, resolving a problem in next to no time.

What Are The Benefits Of TORC Cleaning?

If you are looking for a fast and efficient way to clean stone and brickwork buildings, TORC cleaning offers a clean and appealing finish to the substrate.

TORC cleaning is suitable for many stones, including marble, concrete, masonry, granite, sandstone, cement based buildings and limestone.

TORC cleaning works great on hardwood, softwood, stainless steel, galvanised steel, brass, copper, aluminium, bronze, and render, while it can also be relied on to remove paint.

Some of the key reasons why TORC cleaning is of benefit include:

  • TORC cleaning is ideal for old buildings and heritage sites because it is a careful way of cleaning property
  • Its efficient at removing dirt and grime from concrete, masonry, copper and a wide range of surfaces
  • TORC cleaning quickly removes paint from surfaces, including concrete
  • TORC cleaning is effective at restoring faces, restoring buildings to their former glory
  • This cleaning process removes a build-up without negatively impacting the surface of a building
  • TORC cleaning is eco-friendly and helpful for the environment
  • It doesn't use harmful chemicals and TORC cleaning work isn't causing damage to the environment

TORC cleaning is also very affordable compared to several cleaning processes, and is a perfect solution when cleaning original stone.

Choose An Affordable Property Cleaning Method

In the current economic climate, affordability is essential, and TORC cleaning ensures buildings look fantastic for less money and without compromise.

Can I Use A TORC Machine Myself?

It is in public interest, and your interest, to leave TORC cleaning to trained operators who are confident with the machinery. Cleaning brick and stone is a big task, and if it goes wrong, you will create further problems for yourself.

Knowing you have a professional taking care of stone restoration for you is a perfect solution, ensuring even the most stubborn stains are removed from homes and commercial properties.

There are some cleaning systems that individuals can use, but with the TORC system, it is best left to experts.

TORC Machine 1

Effective Stone Cleaning Which Gets The Job Done

Given the TORC system is one of the best environmentally friendly solutions and offers great success with stone restoration, paint removal, limescale damage, stone cleaning, carbon sulfation removal, grime removal, paint removal, it is fair to say this is the recognised and preferred method for cleaning brick and stone for many individuals, businesses and bodies.

Any cleaning method which is described as a vortex system sounds exciting, and will grab attention. The TORC cleaning process is innovative, but it is extremely effective on new and old buildings.

No matter the premises you care for, if you wish to clean it in a safe and highly efficient manner, the TORC cleaning system is well worth considering.

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